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Hefei, a the most preferential tax policy for leasing housing zero tax on personal rent three years

Date: 2019-09-24

On September 23, as the first batch of national pilot cities housing lease in hefei in anhui province issued five innovation explore the rental housing pilot measures, involving the scale deposit quantity, expanding increment, cultivate enterprise and standardize the market, etc.

Hefei government said, in a long-term mechanism scheme, hefei "with the strongest strength, introduced the country's preferential tax policy for leasing housing", the scheme has the endorsement, the ministry of the state council for the record, relevant policy after the examination and approval of tax authorities according to procedures, can be implemented.

CaiZhengJiang fill as incentives, revitalize the stock of housing

Hefei housing and the housing administration bureau (hereinafter referred to as the "cha"), according to hefei since 2018, to activate the stock of social housing, in the nationwide first housing rental subsidy.To 2019, on the basis of the evaluation results, the award policy changes, mainly includes three aspects, expanding the scope of the prize to fill, tax fundamental equilibrium and simplified application process.

Expanding the scope of the prize to fill.Individual owners, professional leasing enterprises and intermediary agencies into prize range, and the eligible to rent, the labor to project and also incorporated in the 2019 annual subsidy.

Tax fundamental equilibrium.Award standards appropriate to the leasing enterprises, key lead leasing enterprises to develop in the direction of specialization scale.To provide intermediary services companies, prize for standard is 1.2 yuan/sq m * years;For distributed rental companies, according to the different enterprise scale, fill the standard is divided into 14 yuan per square metre and 20 yuan/sq m * * years year two grades;For business to rent, industry change project, award criteria for 10 yuan/square meters * years.

Simplified application process.Apply for subject only in hefei city housing rental platform completed lease contract for the record, the system will automatically check the status, property and contract information, according to the record time automatic calculation for filling amount, applicants need to apply for platform, at the completion of audit, the public, such as program, will be distributed in a timely manner prize money.

Network of sign for the record, and communities in strengthening the management of rental housing

Cha said, has been jointly with the public security, market, urban management departments, jointly promote the lease online contract for the record, to expand coverage for leasing platform, timely and accurate registration, such as rent and lease term lease, the lessee information information, strengthening the management of rental housing linkage.

To implement online for the record.In accordance with requirements of the "Internet + e-government service", to strengthen the technical support, through the system of automatic identification and property information, complete housing authenticity verification.Each subject through APP or hefei in hefei housing housing lease after inputting relevant information platform, online can be realized for the record.

Certificate of function into full play.Seize the lease for the record loss of functional board, guide the various functional departments to enhance the function of the lease registration certificate.At present, the lease has been in the residence registration certificate, their children's compulsory education entrance, accumulation fund of extraction, CaiZhengJiang aspects play a role.

Strengthen responsibilities for the record.Guide is given priority to with propaganda, education and punishment is complementary, strengthen responsibilities of each subject for the record.To clinch a deal on its own, the lessor is net the main responsibility to sign for the record;Clinch a deal to pass intermediary, property management and leasing companies, associated enterprises the main responsibility is net to sign for the record;Third party network platform should be real-time uploaded to hefei housing rental housing information platform, and shall be responsible for the authenticity of publishing houses.