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Hait Business Hotel Hehei is one disposes completely, the repair upscale commerce hotel. Located at Hefei north, east near the Mengcheng north road, northern side two ring circuits, south meets near the netherworld and the suiki road, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, may arrive at the train station, the motor station, the airport directly, may also facilitate arrives at each scenic site, the shopping center and the commercial activity center. The hypericum commerce hotel borders on the hypericum garden, on the city international and so on luxurious residential district, the environment is lonesome and quiet, the enchanting scenery, the commercial breath is rich. In the hotel has the design to be elegant, the fashion during upscale each kind of standard, the luxurious guest room, anteroom altogether 108, in the room provide the pure even liquid crystal, the small refrigerator, the wide band surfer, the international domestic direct-dial telephone, to shower luxuriously and so on facilities, foundation equipment and so on Jan dining room, conference room also consummate. the hypericum commerce hotel has the international first-class commercial hotel managerial experience, the pursue is remarkable, the service consummates, is commercial, the leisure, the traveling housing optimal place.